Rachel W. 7.2.11


Stacy, Thank you for your professionalism, warm personality and thoughtful assistance in selecting my wedding dress. You made dress shopping a glamorous, memorable adventure. And a very personal one at that. I went dress shopping with my mom’s best friend. My mom passed away from breast cancer in 2009 and when I sheepishly called my Dad to ask permission to purchase the gown of my dreams I cried when he simply said, “I think your mother would love to buy this for you”. All of us in the room had tears in our eyes and although we knew one another only one or two hours, it felt great to receive a knowing hug from you, Stacy! The whole experience was wonderful: a positive memory I’ll hold as part of my wedding celebration. On the big day I received many compliments about the gown and boutique hair accessories. My cousin Joe wrote to tell me it was the prettiest wedding dress he had ever seen. Even in 98-degree heat with intense humidity, I was cool and collected in my lightweight, strapless dress. The look in Peter’s eyes as I walked down the aisle, and the proud smile my Dad gave me told me the investment was worth every penny. Thank you, Stacy.



















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