If you are in the market for a bridal gown (or follow TGS on insta), you have probably heard the term “Sample Sale”. Seeing the words “bridal” and “sale” in the same sentence sounds amazing, right? We have put together commonly asked questions and tips so you can successfully shop a sample sale/ TGS RACK!

What Is a “Sample Sale”?

Boutique bridal stores usually only carry one gown per style in a standard size (10-12 in bridal sizing or 6-8 in regular street clothes). These are called samples and are used for trying-on purposes. When a style is discontinued or we decide its time to part with the gown, we sell it during a sample sale! The best part? Since the gowns are already made, they’re considerably less than ordering new!

How is TGS RACK different than a Sample Sale?

Surprise! It isn’t!  TGS RACK is our collection of sample gowns, jewelry, veiling, and sashes that can be purchased off-the-rack at amazing discounts any day of the week!  RACK features all of the benefits of a sample sale (incredible savings, no wait time for production) with the same private, one-on-one appointment experience that TGS Bridal offers!


Who Should Shop Sample Sales/ TGS RACK?

The perfect sample shopper has these qualities:

  • The bride knows exactly what she wants and is able to easily select a gown that meets her requirements without doubt or trying on different styles
  • The bride does not want or require customization in her gown, and is happy to select one as is
  • Brides who have either waited too long to order a dress, have a quick engagement, or are having a small ceremony and/or elopement and need a gown quickly
  • Brides who fit into standard sizes (6-10)
  • Brides on a budget

Who Should Avoid Sample Sales?

As wonderful as sample sales are, they cannot cater to every bride. Those who should schedule a bridal appointment are:

  • Brides looking for specific details, colors, or customization for their gown
  • Brides who fit outside standard sizing (< Size 6, > Size 12)
  • Brides with specific requirements or who are looking for unique fits or uncommon styles

Why Are The Samples On Sale? What’s Wrong With Them?

Nothing! Though some bridal boutiques will offer damaged or discolored gowns in their sample sales, TGS is not one of them. All of our sample gowns are new and current designs and in pristine condition. However, with so many new gowns coming in, we simply can’t fit all of our dresses in one place, and have to swap out some designs to make room for the new. That’s when sample sales happen and gorgeous, on trend gowns go for discount prices. What’s not to love?



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